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Glass Sex Toys

Friday, January 18th, 2013

At first it may seem a bit odd. Mixing glass and sex toys. Who would have thought such a thing? But after you read and think about it, it makes sense.
After you buy one, you’ll know exactly why.
Each one is constructed of hypoallergenic glass and is nonporous and is safe and easy to clean!
And SMOOTH as glass……. Pun fully intended. Imagine sliding that long glass rod into your wife or girlfriend’s tight little asshole, while you fuck the shit out of her.
She’ll be in writhing Ecstasy.

These glass dildos are master crafted for maximum pleasure too. The length, bumps and ridges add something special to your love making.
These toys are classy too. Some women (and men) might be intimidated by a toy that looks like a huge cock. But ladies your husbands will love the new sensations that these will produce.
And guys, you lady might be willing to try some new things with this.

On top of it all, they are pretty cool to look at. You could take one of these (or a few of these) and display they on the fireplace mantel or in a  crystal cabinet and no one would know exactly what they were looking at. (Unless they had one as well. And then they wouldn’t really care. Or who knows where that would lead.)

Relaxation Inc also has other great products to look at too. Sexy Clothing, adult movies, lubes, massagers, dildos, instructional items and much much more. So head on over and take a look.
Spice up your bedroom time with a fun new glass sex toy.

Porn Kitchen

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
As a couple, we are always trying to find new ways to keep our sex life hot and spicy, but toys and magazines only do so much. When we weren’t feeling intimate anymore, we both knew that it was time to try something else. My husband and I began to look online and although he became quite interested in a few sites quickly, I was turned off to say the least. But that was before we found, I believe will open new doors for online porn viewing as a whole because it doesn’t just focus on men like many websites do, it actually focuses on women to and I personally like that. Their webpage is stylish and even a little sleek and could go for a woman or a man. Therefore, I feel right at home there. I am completely impressed with the large amount of content on site even though I really don’t use many of the categories. I love it that all the content is full-length porn videos which means I can watch fuller movies and videos without worrying about them being so short like with other websites. I also like the fact that there aren’t a lot of advertisements popping up. Many porn sites have webcam views that pop up and I personally am not into that at all. I like it that seems to be accommodating for many people’s styles, rather than just one.

Check it out today!